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Where you should travel next (using tv theme songs)

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Our choice of travel destination can be based on many things: A desire to learn about the world. The types of experiences we want to have. The lessons it can teach us about history. Today, you’re going to choose your next travel destination based on which TV theme song you like the best. Hey… not all decisions have to come from a super deep and meaningful place, alright? Sometimes you just need to listen to a bunch of awesome songs (and perhaps daydream about footballers with their shirts off…I’m looking at you Tim Riggins) and do what we tell you.

So here you go. Five places you should travel based on your reaction to a particular TV theme song.

Malcolm in the Middle: India

Yes. No. Maybe. I don’t know. Can you repeat the question? Sounds like you’re having a bit of trouble making up your mind. You’re searching for answers. Direction. Goals. You’re looking for clarity, focus…and, dare we say it, a really bloody good curry. It’s time to get in touch with your spiritual side by getting lost in India. When you’re in a destination that is so big, so noisy, so busy and so incredibly overwhelming it’s easy to let the stresses of your life go and simply become a part of the chaos. India has a way of humbling a person. Suddenly, your own problems aren’t so big. And when you’re gliding along the sacred waters of the Ganges at sunrise, we guarantee you’ll have a moment of enlightenment that’s so great you’ll feel like you might just burst.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air: Austria

You’re thinking the obvious… we’re gonna send you off to America, right? Wrong. To understand the genius of this theme song you need to go beyond the surface. Dig deep. Discover the real reason you are drawn to it. See, Professor Smith is using Bel Air as a metaphor to describe a place so grand, so beautiful and so wonderful that it will make you forget all about your cruddy hometown. He’s talking about a place where you’ll feel like a king the moment you arrive. Somewhere you will be treated like royalty. A place where B.O will simply not be tolerated. Sounds to us like you’re ready to experience Austria. A hotbed of art, history and music along with some of the finest apple strudel this side of your grandma’s kitchen.

Friday Night Lights: Morocco

No words, just a moody guitar and stirring drumbeat leading to a powerful crescendo that makes you feel like you could run a marathon, quit your job or finally ask out that girl you see on the train every day. This song is full of possibilities. It’s inspiring. It soars. And if you’ve ever seen Tim Riggins without his shirt on you, will hear this song and instantly get goosebumps. If you’re looking for a travel experience that can make you feel that same way (and perhaps meet a Riggins of your own) then you need to visit Morocco. Soaring mountains, rolling deserts and enough stars in the sky to make the hairs on your neck stand up. There’s also plenty of time to stare out the bus window with your headphones on, contemplating life and all its mysteries. Or, you know, devise a brilliant pickup line for that girl on the train.

Home Improvement: Turkey

Sure, growing up you watched this show simply because your dad loved it. And then you fell in love with this show because…well, JTT. Then as you got older you appreciated the brilliance of Wilson. You sympathised with poor Jill. And… yeah, you still had a thing for JTT. But now, as a grown person with a good job and enough money in the bank to afford an overseas trip, you see this theme song for what it’s REALLY about: architecture. If you’re turned on by turrets, riveted by restorations and ga-ga for Greco-Roman cities then you’re gonna love Turkey. Walk the streets of Ayvlik, marvel at the ruins of Ephesus, be enthralled by the Roman theatre at Hierapolis, shake your head in wonder at the fairy-chimneys of Cappadocia, pick up your jaw from the floor of the Blue Mosque or simply try to figure out how they construct those incredible kebabs.

Sesame Street: Chile

Sunny days. Friendly neighbours. Come and play. Where the air is sweet. Sesame Street might not exist in real life, but Chile sure does. It’s a land of extremes – from the arid desert to crystal-clear glaciers, from the silence of the Valle de la Luna to the buzz of Santiago. Sesame Street is all about understanding the world around you. And we think Chile can help. Simply choose a cafe in Santiago’s Plaza de Armas, order a coffee and watch as locals criss-cross the square and begin their day. It’s that easy! People-watching is a powerful way to make a connection, and you can either sit back and watch or get up and join in. Either way, you’ve come out of your comfort zone and that’s worthy of at least another espresso.

Ready to turn off the TV and start your adventure? Take a look at where we can take you.

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